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                                                               News Update
The following is an update on our progress in development of the New Facility.
The Barn construction is completed and now we are working on the interior requirements for the horse accommodations.
The Electric service and lighting are installed. The plumbing for water service to the stalls is in place and ready for hookup from the rural water source which is ¾ mile from the barn.
The Lime Stone Screenings are installed and leveled inside the barn this provides solid base floor for the horse stalls. The pictures of the barn interior on the next page shows where the horse stalls will be built.
The exterior stall entrance doors are being installed and will be complete within two weeks.
We had expected to begin using the barn by late Summer, but we have experienced several delays due to inclement weather.
We now face a challenge on funding for the procurement of the balance of the materials required to build the horse stalls. Our Fund Raising Plan for this year has fallen short and the planned income for the completion of the barn is not available at this time. We have money in our general fund to meet all of our planned expenses for the balance of the year with some reserve included should we realize unplanned events such additional horses needing rescued, addition veterinary bills, additional hay requirements above the hay on hand.
I’m reluctant to use those monies for the Barn Completion as I feel we must be able to help all horses in need and the barn would be nice to have, but the horses come first.
I have estimates for the materials required to build the stalls and trench the water supply line ¾ mile including the water piping at $ 12,00.00 dollars, the labor to build stalls will be accomplished by our volunteers.
If you could help us with a small donation it would be used to begin the Stall construction, the water hookup and hopefully occupy the Barn this year.
If you can donate, please send you donation through one of the means on the "Donations" page.

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Victor R McMullen, Sr
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