News Update

The new facility is now complete and several horses were relocated to the facility on April 15th.

Retirement horses will be located at the original facility, in Udall, as will any special needs horses. This will provide 24/7 care if needed.

The next major undertaking for SWER will be to build a cover for the 60 ‘x 100 ‘outside training/riding area that is adjacent to the barn. This will enable us to work our training efforts with minimal impacts from the weather.

I wish to again thank all the donors that have made the new facility a reality. We are part of PayPal Giving Fund. A simple way to donate to our cause is to select Southern Winds Equine Resuce as your Favorite charity. Every time you buy or sell on eBay we get a donation, every time you use PayPal to pay for anything we also get a donation. So please select us as your favorite charity to continue to help the horses.

If you can donate, please send you donation through one of the means on the "Donations" page.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”

Victor R McMullen, Sr
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