Breed Paint
Sex Mare
Age 7 Years
Size 14.1 hands and 750 pounds.

Rescue Date August 7, 2015

Sally was bought for a young child, the child never worked her nor did the parents. Sally was yard art for several years, she did have an old gelding for a pasture mate, although she had No Training in basic handling or anything else.
Sally was a rescue that nearly didnít get a second chance, she was climbing over her outside stall door and trying to climb over 6-foot coral panels to escape her outside run. She would not socialize with people or other horses, she kicked her handler twice. I had spoken with our Vet and knew we were going to have to make a decision for not just Sally wellbeing, but the handlers as well. Before the final decision was made I prayed to the Lord for help on Saturday night September 5th that I couldnít handle Sally and if I couldnít then I would have to put her down. My prayers were answered, the next morning Sally was standing at her inside stall door with her head down and looked me straight in the eye telling me she wasnít going to be ugly anymore. And she is the most Loving Horse now. She went from ugly to excellent overnight and has not regressed on any issues.
She has finished training and is being ridden weekly.
She is available for adoption!
Ready for Adoption