We at Southern Winds Equine Rescue & Recovery Center, Inc. are excited to share that John and Jody Lyons have a new program called, “Helping Rescued Horses”. This program helps rescued horses in two ways:
1) A gift to those that have adopted a horse.
John Lyons would like to share his principles, philosophy and training lessons with you. A well respected horse training publication by John Lyons – The Ground Control Manual is now available in eBook format. It includes a 27 Chapter comprehensive Overview and 30 individual training lessons – all available in individual segments. This book is highly respected as a top source for horse training information. The gift is the Twenty-Seven Chapter Overview plus your choice of one training lesson. Education is so important and its application can provide a secure and consistent life for a horse.
2) Donations for our rescue program. They are offering a program to horse rescues to raise additional funds. We are participating in this program. To help us raise additional funds, when placing any orders other than your free gift, please use our special link provided here, so we can receive financial support that is needed. We receive 25% of each sale. When clicking on our link here, you will be taken to the order page.
To support us, please click on this link when ordering:

For the gift, please go to:

and look for "Helping Rescued Horses" for your gift!

Thanks! and spread the word!